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The Why? Curve

The Why? Curve

Each week Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing get to grips with one issue that impacts our lives. It could be economic, social, technological or geopolitical. Whatever the subject, they'll talk to the experts who can give help explain what's really going on. And Phil and Roger back it up with their own research and opinions. It's half an hour to get across one of the key issues of the time, and they promise, it'll never be boring.
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Recent Episodes

Sept. 22, 2022

Hard Labour

A weak Tory prime minister, a dire economic crisis, a government seemingly set on making the rich richer while an election looms …

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Sept. 15, 2022

Welcome to Cold War 2

Vladimir Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China think their systems are better than ours. Who will win this war of ideas?

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Sept. 8, 2022

"Well I didn't vote for her!"

Is the appointment of Liz Truss as PM a sign of a democratic deficit?

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Sept. 1, 2022

The Last Days Of The BBC?

Is the national broadcaster moving towards some kind of closedown? With the likely next prime minister challenging the BBC’s accu…

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About the Hosts

Phil Dobbie Profile Photo

Phil Dobbie


Phil has been podcasting for two decades, long before it was fashionable. As well as the Why? Curve he hosts The NAB Morning Call, a daily finance podcast in Australia, all from a studio in Surrey. He's also the host of Debunking Economics, a weekly podcast with economics contrarian Steve Keen. He does bits of radio here and there, just to check he can still do it, which he can (just). Phil's ambition in life is for somebody to write a Wikipedia entry about him. Or world peace. Whichever is easier.

Roger Hearing Profile Photo

Roger Hearing


Roger is not quite as old as the BBC, but then the BBC is very very old. He joined the BBC World Service in 1987, who sent him all over the world, then stuck him in the studio to present The World Today and Newshour. He's spent most of his working life at the beeb , except for a diversion to Bloomberg in recent years. Roger's aim in life has always been to co-host a podcast with someone marginally younger and slightly more talented, who he can depend on to write his biography on the website.