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Oct. 5, 2022

What's the prescription for the NHS?

What's the prescription for the NHS?

Something has to change at the NHS, but what? We talk to Tim Gardner at the Health Foundation.

We’re a sick nation - and the prognosis for the NHS is not good. It’s showing all of its 75 years, as patients wait in ambulances outside A&E or struggle to speak to - much less see - their own GP. So what’s the remedy? Just more - more money, doctors, nurses, hospitals? Or better systems of provision? And how should we pay for it - could some of us pay when we see our doctor? Tim Gardner, senior policy fellow at the Health Foundation, tells Phil and Roger there need to be tough decisions about how much we value and are willing to pay for our health.

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Tim GardnerProfile Photo

Tim Gardner

Senior Policy Fellow, The Health Foundation

Tim works in the policy team at the Health Fooundation, analysing, understanding and informing which works to analyse, national policies on health and social care in England. His twitter profile says he also likes to cycle and eat cake.

Before joining the Health Foundation, Tim spent over ten years at the Department of Health and Social Care working on policy and legislation in a variety of roles. This included work on NHS strategy, health and social care integration and the Government's response to the Francis Inquiry into failings in care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust in th eyears up to 2009.. Prior to that, he worked on NHS performance across a range of areas including primary care, cancer and mental health. He was also Secretary to the Departmental and NHS Management Boards and an Assistant Private Secretary to the Chief Medical Officer.
Tim has also spent time at NHS England and NHS Improvement, as well three years working on children's social care policy at the Department for Education. He has an MSc in Health Policy from Imperial College London.