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Feb. 2, 2023

Ukraine - the Endless War?

Ukraine - the Endless War?

Stefan Wolff, professor of international security at the University of Birmingham says there will be no quick wins in the war for Ukraine

Spring is coming to Ukraine along with the prospect of new offensives in the war that began almost a year ago. Kyiv is getting new weapons from the West, and Russia has hundreds of thousands of freshly-trained mobilised reservists as well as a new commander. But will the stalemate end? Will Ukraine be able to push Russia back nearer to its borders, or will Russia regain the initiative and march on Kyiv once more? Will Ukraine’s long night of horror and death come to an end anytime soon? Not very likely, Stefan Wolff, professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham, tells Phil and Roger - this, he says, is a war without an obvious conclusion.

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Professor Stefan WolffProfile Photo

Professor Stefan Wolff

Professor of International Security

A political scientist by background, Stefan Wolff specialises in the management of contemporary security challenges, especially in the prevention and settlement of ethnic conflicts and civil wars and in post-conflict state-building in deeply divided and war-torn societies.