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Aug. 25, 2022

Net Zero Chance?

Net Zero Chance?

The world is aiming for Net Zero, but will it ever make it?

The world knows we’ve got to break our addiction to fossil fuels, and we need to move to a future where we no long pollute our atmosphere. But how quickly can we reach this utopian future? How far are current worries about being able to afford to heat our homes going to delay Net Zero? Can we still enjoy the benefits of a growing economy without destroying the planet? Can we reach it quickly enough? Will we ever reach it? Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing put all that to Professor Richard Black from the Oxford Net Zero Network, and find a strange optimism - he says renewable energy is paving the way, not just because of our concern for the environment, but also because it’s the most cost effective solution

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Professor Richard Black Profile Photo

Professor Richard Black

Richard is a Senior Associate (and former Director) of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, which aims to advise and inform journalists and politicians on key facts and issues related to climate change. His background is in journalism and broadcasting, having worked for BBC World Service as producer and presenter as well as the BBC Environment Correspondent. From 2012 Richard was Director of Communications for the Global Ocean Commission prior to setting up ECIU. In 2018 he wrote 'Denied: The Rise and Fall of Climate Contrarianism', the only book about the UK's climate contrarian elite, its influence and its retreat.