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Nov. 17, 2022

Goodbye To The Good Friday Accord?

Goodbye To The Good Friday Accord?

Is there an anwer to the Irish border question? Phil and Roger talk to Katy Hayward from Queen's University Belfast.

Northern Ireland is facing its biggest crisis since the Good Friday Accord ended the Troubles almost 25 years ago. The protocol that came out of Brexit puts the province outside the the EU but inside the customs union, so there has to be a border somewhere. But relations between nationalists and unionists have broken down over an arrangement that puts that customs border between the province and mainland Britain, and that means the Stormont government doesn’t function. So with more elections unlikely to break the deadlock, Katy Hayward, professor of political sociology at Queen’s University Belfast, tells Phil and Roger about the risks to peace between the communities and what happens next.

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Katy HaywardProfile Photo

Katy Hayward

Professor of Political Sociology in Queen’s University Belfast

Katy Hayward is Professor of Political Sociology in Queen’s University Belfast and a Senior Fellow in the UK in a Changing Europe think-tank, where she leads a major project on "The future and status of Northern Ireland". The author of over 300 publications, she has (co)authored/edited several books e.g. The Irish Border (Sage, 2021), and research reports, e.g. The Border into Brexit (2019). She was appointed to the technical expert panel of the UK government’s Alternative Arrangements Advisory Group on Brexit (2019) and has given written and oral evidence before several parliamentary committees and policy groups in the UK, Ireland, EU, and USA.